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Lookout Seguridad y Antivirus is one of the best and most complete safety alternatives that you can find for Android devices. It not only provides virus protection, but also allows information back-up, has a locator and much more.

Considering only the safety part, this is a tool that blocks the majority of malware, spyware and trojans; it analyzes all the applications that are being downloaded to guarantee the integrity of the device and allows programming daily or weekly analyses. Additionally, the application will scan all the files entered on the SD card of the phone to ensure that they don't include malware.

Lookout Seguridad y Antivirus also allows you to locate your lost or stolen phone using Google Maps. It will sound a loud alarm (even if the device is in silent mode) or start a session of 'mylookout' to locate the device from any browser. If this is not enough, you can regularly create safety copies of all your content, upload them to the cloud and restore them on any other device if the worst would happen.

Lookout Seguridad y Antivirus is one of those essential applications for regular Android users. Not only will it give your more safety in every sense of the word, it will do it using a simple, clean and very comfortable interface.
By Jonas Laveyne